This Magical Macramé car diffuser is handmade in the rolling hills of Wales, from ethically sourced ingredients.
This ancient craft dates back to the Babylonians but it was during the 13th century that Arabian artisans spread it throughout Europe where it eventually became a common pastime for sailors.
Knot-tying remained a popular hobby and a way to adorn clothing and textiles throughout the Victorian era but then fell out of favour until it's wild and fabulous return in the '70s and again today!
We named them Magical Macramé car diffuser because we believe the love and energy that goes into each item we create puts a little bit of magic back into the world!

Made in collaboration with lark & line @larkandline
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The Magic Macramé also comes with this season's essential oil of orange & cinnamon.

A small vial is included with each Carchakra.
Use at home, in the car, or just hang somewhere pretty!
Join the revolution in clean living. 

Macramé Magic CarChakra